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Greetings Friends,

Aromagemas, the Latin derivation of Aromagems, is a Healing modality birthed in the early 1990’s from my long held experience and use of the combination of essential oils, colour healing and crystal and gemstone healing.

The common thread between them has been frequency and wavelength, specific to each individual element, bearing in mind that all our physical cells and our energy centers and our auric body also resonate to specific vibratory frequencies and wavelengths, utilising the synergistic combination of them all leads to a very powerful beneficial effect and Holistic Tool to preserve optimum well being at the spiritual, mental, physical and emotional levels.

When I started my Aromatherapy Practice, in England in the early 1980’s, as part of the Décor of my Therapy Room I had a Colour Crystal Box, which I lit with the appropriate colour prior to each treatment session, my trusted amethyst geode was sitting on top of my bookcase, this was all set up intuitively, it made me feel good and kept negativity out of the area. Only much later when I thought of it did I come to the conscious realization that they all contributed their vibrations to the “feel” of the room and to my clients comments regarding how calm and happy they felt entering this space.

Through the last two decades I have taught Aromagems as a combined Healing modality, always finding that comparing the same client’s treatments using either modality in the classical manner, be it Aromatherapy, Colour, Crystals, Spiritual Healing, Reiki or other forms of Vibrational Medicine, receives slightly different reactions from those receiving the treatment.

The purpose of this website is to allow you, the visitor to participate and get familiar with some aspects of this integrated healing modality of the future and have access to my expertise be it by booking your private consultation time, taking a class, and generally being aware of new developments and international links.

In gratitude,
Doctor Vivian

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